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the only modern JavaScript IDE for iOS

Develop and run locally your Node.js and React Native applications using your iPhone or iPad.

play.js includes all the tools you need to develop any JavaScript project: git client, code editor, files manager, embedded web browser with developer tools, dependencies manager, interactive console and many more.


Code Editor

Full fledge code editor, featuring:

  • Syntax highlighting for a wide variety of languages.
  • Real JavaScript auto-complete that reacts to your file's content.
  • Automatic indentation.
  • Customisable fonts.
  • Find and replace.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.


All you need to run and test your applications locally:

  • Node.js 12.16.0 runtime.
  • React Native 0.59.0 apps bundling and execution.
  • Download of npm dependencies (Node.js projects only).
  • Project templates for React.js, Vue.js and Next.js web applications.

Git Client

Git integration with support for the following operations:

  • Clone project from a repository.
  • Manage and commit changes.
  • Pull and push changes.
  • Branch creation and checkout.
  • SSH repositories support.

Dependencies manager

Graphic user interface to manage your npm dependencies easily:

  • Add and remove dependencies.
  • Dependencies resolution and download.
  • Detailed logs.

Developer Tools

Web browser with various developer tools to help you debug your websites:

  • Console.
  • Node browser.
  • Attributes and styles inspector.
  • Source code viewer.
  • 3D layers inspector.

...and more...